Ministry of ICT Kenya Visits Cable Station

Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS), Joe Mucheru visited the Cable landing station in Nyali where the DARE-1 is landed and hosted by Telkom Kenya. Our regular readers remember that in March last year the DARE1 cable landed at its final stop, the great coastal city of Mombasa.

The Ministry of Information , Communications and Technology (ICT) has responsibility for formulating, administering, managing and developing the Information, Broadcasting and Communication policy so the importance of the DARE1 was highlighted by the fact that the Cabinet Secretary Joseph Mucheru visited himself.

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For obvious reasons, we’ve written a lot about the DARE 1 submarine cable, but for those who have not heard much about it, key highlights below:

  • Cable was initiated in 2015
  • Completed and operational in 2021
  • Currently lands across 3 countries (Djibouti, Somalia & Kenya) and 4 cities
  • Covers 5,000km
  • Has Capacity per wavelength of 100Gbps
  • Design Capacity of 36Tbps
  • 3 Fibre Pairs

By 2028, the projected data traffic from East African countries will reach 80 Terabit per second. This request will require the construction of 5 to 6 submarine cables over the next 12 years. DARE1 Will be one of these cables that will handle safely this regional traffic to Datacenter available in Djibouti and extension to Europe, Asia, or USA through existing international cables.

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