The most reliable internet connection in east Africa.



Djibouti Telecom IP transit service is designed to provide carriers and ISP’s a complete internet Transit solution that reaches Africa, Europe, Asia and the USA, or any content-based destinations via a network with a state-of-art technological fartures, the best service guarantee and a commercial offering that meets your needs. 


In partnership with global IP Transit providers and IP peering Exchange providers, the customer will be directly connected IP backbone from Djibouti Telecom’s facilities accessing the internet in the fastest way and using most diverse routes.The quality of an internet service is directly related to the characteristics of the underlying IP backbone network. Gigabit routers, Nx10 Gbps trunk interconnections, diversified transcontinentals submarine systems, Fully redundants Core/Edge Pops architecture Private and directe peering with multiple Tier 1 players. Our combined network reaches more internet destinations with fewer hops to other providers IP backbone.