Ip Transit Services

The most reliable internet connection in East Africa.

Djibouti Telecom is a leading Internet service provider in the Horn of Africa. Our IP Transit services offer a gateway to a world of connectivity, enabling seamless internet traffic flow, enhanced access, and robust connections to global networks.

With a focus on reliability and speed, Djibouti Telecom’s IP Transit empowers operators, organizations, and institutions to leverage fast and secure internet access between local and international networks.

Efficient Network Connectivity

At Djibouti Telecom, we understand the importance of establishing strategic partnerships. That’s why we collaborate with renowned global IP transit providers like Lumen, Cogent, and TIS. Through these collaborations, we offer exceptional Internet Peering and Presence Points (PoPs) and Content Caches (CDNs).

Our extensive presence in key internet exchange points enables our customers to exchange Internet traffic and connect with over 300 operators and content providers. Some of our strategic locations include :

Smart Hub IX in Fujairah
Google in Oman
Facebook in Mombasa
France IX in Marseille and Paris
DE-CIX Marseille
Amazon PIN
LINX London, and

Enhanced Content Delivery:

Djibouti Telecom takes pride in delivering high-quality services, including Content Delivery Networks (CDN POPs) and Content Caches. We collaborate with leading providers such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, ensuring that our customers have swift access to global content.

Whether it’s accessing websites, apps, streaming services, or social media platforms, our IP Transit services provide seamless connectivity, opening doors to a multitude of international resources.

Key Features:

Bandwidth options ranging from E1 to 100G, allowing flexibility to meet diverse needs.

Protocol support for Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, and PoS Interfaces, ensuring compatibility across networks.

24/7 Availability, delivering uninterrupted connectivity and peace of mind to our customers.

Low latency connections to major European cities: Marseille (60ms) and London (99ms), enabling swift data transmission and enhanced user experience.

Why Choose Djibouti Telecom

Robust Network Architecture

Our fully redundant Core/Edge Pops architecture guarantees stability, minimizing disruptions and ensuring seamless connectivity for our customers.

Optimal Performance

With predictable low latency and minimal hops between routes, we prioritize delivering the fastest and most reliable connection possible.

Private and Direct Peering

We establish private network arrangements with Tier-1 providers, carriers, and ISPs globally, granting our customers direct access to Tier-One networks and major content providers worldwide.

Extensive Connectivity

Djibouti Telecom facilitates connections to major Internet transit and content providers in Asia and Europe, allowing our customers to access a vast range of resources effortlessly.

Network Diversity

Leveraging our robust cable infrastructure, including our submarine cables like DARE-1, SMW3, SMW5, EIG, we ensure diverse and reliable routing options for enhanced network stability.

DDoS Protection

With our cutting-edge DDoS Arbor Peakflow SP S2600CW solution, we safeguard our customers’ networks from potential Distributed Denial of Service attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service availability.

Experience the Power of Djibouti Telecom’s IP Transit Services. By choosing Djibouti Telecom, customers in the Horn of Africa gain convenient access to a wealth of international content.

Unlocking new business opportunities, our services empower organizations to connect with the world effortlessly. Contact us today to explore how Djibouti Telecom can enhance your connectivity experience.

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