Djibouti Mobile Money Launch

Initiated by Djibouti Telecom, D-Money is a new Digital Mobile Money service recently launched across Djibouti. This new innovative service allows users to carry out digital money transfers and payments directly from mobile phones. In an increasingly digital world, this has been a highly sought after service across Djibouti.

The use of mobile money has exploded across sub-saharan Africa – In 2019, 50 million sub-Saharan Africans created a mobile-money account via a mobile phone. This is only set to grow as mobile-money platforms offer convenience and financial inclusion for millions..

What Does D-Money Offer?

  • Made deposits or withdrawals via agents across Djibouti
  • Transfer money to your friends/family anytime from your phone
  • Pay your bills with D-Money
  • Buy airtime, recharge mobile credits for yourself or others
  • Manage all your payments via the app
  • No need to carry around lots of cash!

Whats important to note is your money is secure, with advanced security features such as personal pin codes. Read more about D-Money on the dedicated website.

With the Covid-19 global pandemic, there has been an increased requirement to offer customers cashless solutions and the initial consensus has been very positive.

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