Australian Cable


Djibouti Telecom is looking to build an undersea telecommunications cable system from Perth, Australia to Djibouti with forwarding connectivity to Europe, Africa and Middle East. The Australia West Express (AWE) Cable System is designed to serve the growing traffic demands of Australia to Europe with low latency and low risk.

The Australia Cable will provide a secure, direct route across the Indian Ocean almost exclusively through deep, international waters and as it comes to shore, will be deployed in protected waterways.

landing points

Perth, Australia and Djibouti, Djibouti



System Length (km): 10,100 km
Number of Fiber Pair: 4 Fiber Pair
System Capacity (Tbps): 12 Tbps / Fiber Pair, 48Tbps Initial Design Capacity
Latency: Lowest Latency Route between Australia and Europe